Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2020

Gida 2020-goldreed Industrial Design Award-is The New International Design Award Sponsored by The Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute, With The Aim of Promoting At International Level The Concept of “harmony” Applied to Design.gida 2020-g

Gida 2020 - goldreed industrial design award - is the new international design award sponsored by the xiongan future industrial design institute, with the aim of promoting at international level the concept of “harmony” applied to design.Gida 202 <Cropped>

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Warm Up to Cool Down

Design Your Thoughts About Climate Change to Win a Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet; Exposure On Creative Boom; and See Your Work Printed Onto Ape Limited Edition Water Bottles to Aid Organizations Fighting Against Global Warming.ape Is a Biannual Des

Design your thoughts about climate change to win a wacom intuos pro creative pen tablet; exposure on creative boom; and see your work printed onto ape limited edition water bottles to aid organizations fighting against global warming.Ape is a biannua <Cropped>

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Tablet Shoulder Holster:carter by Paul Stet

Paul Stet Creates The Carter Tablet Shoulder Holster

Paul Stet, the thinktank behind the awarded design Carter - Tablet Shoulder Holster by Paul Stet points out, Carter solves for balance and slickness of movement. It is a crossbreed between a pocket and a handbag that has braces. The braces are high <Cropped>

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Home: Design Your Dream

The Aim of The Competition Is to Manifest Into Reality The Idea of Your Dreams, and Create a House Based On It. The Competition Aims to Create a Pure and Highly Imaginative Expression of a Home That Will Have a Degree of Surrealism to It.‘’home Is Whe

The aim of the competition is to manifest into reality the idea of your dreams, and create a house based on it. the competition aims to create a pure and highly imaginative expression of a home that will have a degree of surrealism to it.‘’home i <Cropped>

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Sculpture-Logotype by Product Design R&d Center of Swjtu

Product Design R&d Center of Swjtu Designs The Order-Development Sculpture-Logotype

Product Design R&D Center of SWJTU, the author of the displayed design Product Design R&D Center of SWJTU's Order - development Sculpture-Logotype explains, Because of their limited experience comparing with skilled workers, many techniq <Cropped>

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D One by Jia-Ru Lin

Jia-Ru Lin Designs The D One Packaging

Jia-Ru Lin, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Award Winning D One packaging says, D One is a small but exquisite packaging design for donut. Created by Jiaru Lin, the concept is to enhance the experience of eating donut. A unique featu <Cropped>

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The Combined Type by Huang Tao, Shixiaoming and Qiu Liwei

Huang Tao, Shixiaoming and Qiu Liwei Exhibits The The Combined Type Led Bamboo Lamp

Huang Tao, Shixiaoming and Qiu Liwei, the creator of the award winning project Huang Tao, Shixiaoming and Qiu Liwei's The Combined Type LED Bamboo Lamp illustrates, The lamp holder is made by composite bamboo board materials not only eco-environ <Cropped>

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Pendant Light Fixture by Maurice L. Dery and Jordan N. Dery

Maurice L. Dery and Jordan N. Dery Shows The Shroom Pendant Light Fixture Pendant Light Fixture

Maurice L. Dery and Jordan N. Dery, the maker of the displayed design Shroom Pendant Light Fixture by Maurice L. Dery and Jordan N. Dery points out, Shroom is an Led pendant luminaire. The light is stylized to resemble the shape of a mushroom. Using <Cropped>

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Emotional Jewellery-Jewellery by Sara Chyan

Sara Chyan Spotlights The Emotional Jewellery Jewellery

Sara Chyan, the creative mind behind the award winning work Jewellery by Sara Chyan spells out, Temperature plays a major role in Sara's project. The application of bismuth is rarely seen in day to day life. The low melting point allows her to i <Cropped>

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Residential by Akshay Tathe

Akshay Tathe Presents The Concrete House Residential

Akshay Tathe , the thinktank behind the highlighted work Akshay Tathe 's Concrete House Residential explicates, The residence was designed keeping in mind the comfort and nature of it's users. Contemporary, minimal, with straight lines, cri <Cropped>

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