Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition%u2019 19

Young Bird Plan, An International Competition Platform, It Has Been Five Years Since Its Establishment. This Time, Young Bird Plan Launches Its Own Competition Globally, and Thousands of Creative Minds Will Have The Unique Opportunity to Create The Mascot

Young bird plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. this time, young bird plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the m <Cropped>

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Chest of Drawers by Eckhard Beger

Eckhard Beger Designs The Black Labyrinth Chest of Drawers

Eckhard Beger, the creator of the highlighted work Eckhard Beger's Black Labyrinth Chest of drawers illustrates, Black Labyrinth by Eckhard Beger for ArteNemus is a vertical chest of drawers with 15 drawers drawing its inspiration from Asian med <Cropped>

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Pitch+roll+gps Device by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Trail Ranger Pitch+roll+gps Device

The creator of the highlighted project Pitch+Roll+GPS device:Trail Ranger by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Why Are Trail Maps Flat When Trails Are Not? A first in the world concept, Trail Ranger lets you record the climb, descend and roll angles o <Cropped>

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Daisuke Iguchi's L.a. Vision Concept Aerodynamics and Ev System

Daisuke Iguchi Demonstrates The L.a. Vision Concept Aerodynamics and Ev System

DAISUKE IGUCHI, the creative mind behind the highlighted design L.a. Vision Concept by DAISUKE IGUCHI points out, This is sportscar styling and concept design for near future. This is air flow technology. Body is streamline shape that is nose stagnat <Cropped>

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Suitcase:princess Power Box by Princess Traveller

Princess Traveller Shows The Princess Power Box Suitcase

Princess Traveller, the creator of the highlighted project Suitcase by Princess Traveller points out, The Princess Power Box is a 100% Pet hand luggage case with a built-in compact charger which will supply power for up to six hours at a stretch. A f <Cropped>

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Laguna-Modular Sofa by Elena Trevisan

Elena Trevisan Shows The Laguna Modular Sofa

Elena Trevisan, the designer of the displayed design Laguna by Elena Trevisan explicates, Laguna designer seating is an extensive contemporary collection of modular sofas and benches. Designed by the Italian Architect Elena Trevisan with corporate se <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Chien-Ling Liu

Chien-Ling Liu Shows The Sunlight Interior Design

Chien-Ling Liu, the lead designer of the award winning project Interior Design by Chien-Ling Liu spells out, Owned by the Japanese as our client, the “Sunlight” is a Japanese-style café where the tatamis and sliding doors specifically set the ma <Cropped>

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Fresh Product Call

Sell Yours or Your Friend’s Product or Prototype! Since Our Re-sellers Are Constantly Asking Us For New Products, We Are Reaching Out For Your Help. We Need New Products For Business Gifts Sector

Sell yours or your friend’s product or prototype! since our re-sellers are constantly asking us for new products, we are reaching out for your help. we need new products for business gifts sector. .

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Award Winning Vdrop™ 55 Inch Uhd Tv

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Vdrop™ 55 Inch Uhd Tv

The creator of the award winning project 55 inch UHD TV by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Vdrop™ is developed with a distinctive design thought. A modular approach to home entertainment system and TV unit, An all in one solution. Users can choose t <Cropped>

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Pencil Sharpener by Bryan Wong and Chengtao Yi

Bryan Wong and Chengtao Yi Illustrates The Zirconia Sharpener Pencil Sharpener

Bryan Wong and Chengtao Yi, the creative mind behind the awarded work Award Winning Zirconia Sharpener Pencil Sharpener illustrates, In everyone’s childhood, one of the first objects they encounter is a pencil and sharpener. Standing over the trash <Cropped>

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