Transforming Coffee Table by Alexander Sekirash

Alexander Sekirash Illustrates The Transforming Table Kena Transforming Coffee Table

Alexander Sekirash, the maker of the displayed project Transforming Table Kena - Transforming coffee table by Alexander Sekirash points out, Kena is a table transforming from the coffee to the dining table. Kena table was specially designed for small <Cropped>

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Four & Forty Four-book, Poster, Light by Daeki Shim

Daeki Shim Spotlights The Four & Forty Four Book, Poster, Light

Daeki Shim , the creator of the highlighted work Daeki Shim 's Four & Forty Four Book, Poster, Light spells out, People say that boarding gates four, thirteen, and forty-four do not exist at Incheon International Airport, the busiest gateway <Cropped>

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View Restaurant by Chin-Hsu Huang

Chin-Hsu Huang Shares The Bello Restaurant View Restaurant

CHIN-HSU HUANG, the creative mind behind the award winning work Bello Restaurant - View Restaurant by CHIN-HSU HUANG illustrates, The spatial design assimilates the local landscape of New York, adopting the city as a construction blueprint and refl <Cropped>

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Cafe by Tomonobu Kawakami

Tomonobu Kawakami Exhibits The Kashi Kashi Cafe

Tomonobu Kawakami, the project leader of the displayed project Cafe:Kashi Kashi by Tomonobu Kawakami points out, The design concept is “Dance of wind”. The deep floor space provided good natural ventilation. As the both ends of the space provide <Cropped>

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New Life For Fibres

Dbt Fibre and Desall Invite You to Suggest New Applications For The Semi-finished Textile Products, Exploring Fields Other Than Yarn Making or Life For Fibres New Contest On Dbt Fibre and Desall Invite You to Suggest New Applicati

Dbt fibre and desall invite you to suggest new applications for the semi-finished textile products, exploring fields other than yarn making or similar.New life for fibres new contest on dbt fibre and desall invite you to suggest new appl <Cropped>

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Uplift Tech Cabinets-Bathroom Furniture by Howard Katz

Howard Katz Designs The Uplift Tech Cabinets Bathroom Furniture

Howard Katz, the thinktank behind the displayed project Bathroom Furniture:Uplift Tech Cabinets by Howard Katz demonstrates, Form, function and versatility is the foundation upon which Robern has built its design reputation and is apparent throughout <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's All-Inclusive as Sea Residential House

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The All-Inclusive as Sea Residential House

The creative mind behind the displayed design Residential House by Acclaimed Designer explains, Sea, for its all-inclusive capacity, takes in everything. The house owner, being broad-minded, adores blue sea, traveling, and accepting anything new, a <Cropped>

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Comprehensive Display& Offce Area by Gu Teng

Gu Teng Illustrates The Ocean Times Comprehensive Display& Offce Area

Gu Teng , the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning Ocean Times Comprehensive Display& Offce Area explicates, Open the space as much as possible with unlimited laxity and freedom to embrace everyone. Decompose the logic and re <Cropped>

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Vincenzo Vitiello-Laboratori Fabrici's Natede Air Purifier

Vincenzo Vitiello-Laboratori Fabrici Reveals The Natede Air Purifier

Vincenzo Vitiello - Laboratori Fabrici, the lead designer of the award winning work Air Purifier by Vincenzo Vitiello - Laboratori Fabrici explains, Natede combines nature, technology and design to analyze indoor air quality and remove air pollution. <Cropped>

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Neapolitan Chocolates by Blok

Blok Reveals The Luvit Cocoisms Neapolitan Chocolates

BLOK, the maker of the highlighted project LuvIt Cocoisms by BLOK points out, LuvIt Cocoisms is a range of Neapolitan chocolates from LuvIt, designed as a tasting palette of 4 distinct flavors based on increasing levels of cocoa content: milk, semi <Cropped>

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