Pencil Sharpener by Di Lu and Junfeng Wang

Di Lu and Junfeng Wang Shares The Beautiful Pencil Sharpener

Di Lu and Junfeng Wang, the author of the displayed design Award Winning Beautiful Pencil Sharpener explains, Designer gets inspiration from the crumbs, and makes a special design for the outlet of the crumbs. In the process of producing the crumbs, <Cropped>

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Vascular Bundle by Jimmy Yung-Happystudio

Jimmy Yung-Happystudio Shows The Vascular Bundle Multifunctiona Space

Jimmy Yung - Happystudio, the creator of the awarded design Jimmy Yung - Happystudio's Vascular Bundle Multifunctiona space explicates, People who work in the office within cities are basically away from nature. However, through design, nature l <Cropped>

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Plus Air by Nauris Kalinauskas

Nauris Kalinauskas Exhibits The Plus Air Furniture Construction System

Nauris Kalinauskas, the creator of the award winning design Nauris Kalinauskas's Plus AIR Furniture Construction System points out, Furniture created in Furniture Construction System Plus Air is made of 6 mm laminated plywood. A piece of furnitu <Cropped>

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Samsara by Elliott Murray

Elliott Murray Designs The Samsara Planter

Elliott Murray, the creator of the awarded work Samsara - Planter by Elliott Murray illustrates, Using meaningless materials to form well designed objects, Samsara bridges the gap from passive products to meaningful discussions. Samsara began as an i <Cropped>

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Game Centre:meland Meilin by Oft Interiors

Oft Interiors Discloses The Meland Meilin Game Centre

Oft Interiors , the thinktank behind the award winning project Oft Interiors 's Meland Meilin Game Centre explains, Multifunctional Chair" or "Multifunctional Umbrella" or you could simply state the main side function such as &quo <Cropped>

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Li Junfeng's Shade of The Municipal Square Citizen Square

Li Junfeng Demonstrates The Shade of The Municipal Square Citizen Square

Li Junfeng, the creative mind behind the award winning design Award Winning Shade of the Municipal Square Citizen Square demonstrates, The civic nature of the project is the starting point for design creativity, moving from management to service, and <Cropped>

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Sale House by Lei Fang

Lei Fang Creates The Xinhua Sincere Center Sales Office Sale House

Lei Fang, the author of the awarded project Xinhua Sincere Center Sales Office by Lei Fang spells out, Chongqing Xinhua Sincere Center Sales Office can be described as a combination of contemporary aesthetic and artistic interests. How to match the m <Cropped>

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Jis Sapporo-Bar Lounge by Atsuhiko Sugiyama

Atsuhiko Sugiyama Creates The Jis Sapporo Bar Lounge

Atsuhiko Sugiyama, the creator of the award winning design Jis Sapporo by Atsuhiko Sugiyama explains, We designed the project based on the imagination of what the world is like in 200 years. We designed an extraordinary space that far exceeds the ima <Cropped>

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Pilates Equipment :wunda Chair by Ceylan Ucgun

Ceylan Ucgun Spotlights The Wunda Chair Pilates Equipment

Ceylan Ucgun, the designer of the awarded design Pilates Equipment by Ceylan Ucgun demonstrates, Wunda is a newly designed Pilates equipment that offers features concentrated into a single equipment for Pilates workout. It is designed to inspire the <Cropped>

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Hay%uff01youngbirds%uff01talent Award Asia 2020

Hay!youngbirds!talent Award Asia 2020 Officially Launched! Come and Win Big Cash Prizes and a Trip to Denmark!hay! Youngbirds!is An International Competition Ip and a Design Stage Created Jointly by Danish Contemporary Design Brand Hay, Which Endors

Hay!youngbirds!talent award asia 2020 officially launched! come and win big cash prizes and a trip to denmark!Hay! youngbirds!is an international competition ip and a design stage created jointly by danish contemporary design brand hay, which e <Cropped>

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