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Black Star

The concept of the design is based on the transformation of wood species that have no grain or color into an object vessel pleasing to the eye and additionally achieving an interesting haptic feeling. The design object is handcrafted, beginning with woodturning for forming the outside and hollowing the inside of the object. Drilling and forming the holes into the outer surface comes next, as well as adding color stain. The usage of a pyrographic pen brings further embellishment onto the piece. Finally the object is charred black, resulting in a soft and warm touch, as well as adding contrast.

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Free Estonian

In this unique artwork, Olga Raag used Estonian newspapers from the year when the car was originally produced in 1973. The yellow newspapers at the National Library were photographed, cleaned, adjusted, and edited to be used on the project. The final result was printed on special material used on cars, which lasts for 12 years, and it took 24 hours to apply. Free Estonian is a car that draws attention, surrounding people with positive energy and nostalgic, childhood emotions. It invites curiosity and engagement from everyone.

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Gajusz Foundation

The mural was created for children’s hospice. The design is a metaphor for the transition between two worlds. The building’s walls were used to show the metaphor. The dark and starry universe contrasts with the huge pink bird. Pink flamingo symbolizes caring support. Girl’s hair is a symbol for imagination and free spirit.

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Superegg represents the rapid multiplying of single use coffee capsules, which symbolises human convenience and its impact on the environment. Appearing levitated above ground, the textured geometric superegg shape, as documented by mathematician Gabriel Lame, is dotted with random discarded coffee capsules arranged into perfect lines. The visceral experience engages the viewer from all angles and distances. Over 3000 capsules were collected via a call to action on social media and the local community. Superegg allows the viewer to peruse waste and encourages new recycling habits.

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Visual illusions are created when 2D graphics merge with 3D structures. Here, black and white 2D vinyl strips extend into 3D space via black and white wood structures. This creates a Moire effect. As the viewer perceives the sculpture and approaches it from different angles, patterns change. Lines intersect in different manners leaving the viewer wondering. What is creating these patterns? Why are they changing? The viewer is involved and puzzled. Installed at the art museum, the sculpture with its wood structure return merges with the existing curved ceiling. Ceiling and sculpture appear as one.

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Bubble Forest

"Bubble Forest" is a public sculpture made of acid resistant stainless steel. The material has the property of reflecting both natural and artificial light. During the night, it is illuminated with programmable RGB LED lamps. It was created as a reflection on the ability of plants to produce oxygen. The title forest consists of 18 steel stems/trunks ending with crowns in the form of spherical constructions representing a single air bubble. “Bubble Forest” refers to the terrestrial flora as well as to that known from the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans.

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