Vigvam by Hochu Rayu (eng. I Want Heaven)

Hochu Rayu (eng. I Want Heaven) Exhibits The Vigvam Hanger

Hochu rayu (eng. I want heaven), the author of the displayed work Award Winning Vigvam hanger spells out, Vigvam is a lightweight and easy to transport or storage item. It consists of plywood veneered base and a set of hooks in the form of stylized deer antlers. The inspiration of this project comes from light-weight and stable construction of vigvam - a typical form of home of Indians. Also, vigvam form was widespread among other nomadic tribes. Since most of these tribes were hunters we also added antlers as a symbol of deers. Deer antlers is an old symbol of protection, welfare and guarding..

Vigvam by Hochu Rayu (eng. I Want Heaven) Images:


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