Award Winning Hive Egg Packaging

Chaiyasit Tangprakit Creates The Hive Egg Packaging

Chaiyasit Tangprakit, the maker of the highlighted project Award Winning Hive Egg Packaging says, Eggs Hive is an egg packaging inspired by the structure of beehive. The hexagon form greatly enhances the strength of the box, since it can bear force <Cropped>

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Hunni by Süha Süzen

Süha Süzen Reveals The Hunni Functional Funnel

Süha Süzen, the architect of the displayed design Award Winning Hunni Functional Funnel points out, Hunni is a funnel which eases the flow of the liquid. Due to its triangle form it arranges the air flow through gaps in the borders circular forms <Cropped>

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Logo Design Award

A' International Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Is Open For Your Logo Design Submissions. Deadline For Entries to a' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Awards Is On February 28, 2019. Results of The a' Grap

Creating beautiful logos that convey a brand's message as intended is a key point in constructing a brand identity. A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award will help you carry your design further as A' Graphics and Visual Com <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Devesh Bhatia

Devesh Bhatia Exhibits The Bronx Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia, the creator of the award winning design bronx - Restaurant by Devesh Bhatia demonstrates, Bronx, located in market where every other building is a restaurant, has been designed as a completely different PUB and Brewery. A dual staircas <Cropped>

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Origyn : International Space Habitat Architecture Competition

Physicist Stephen Hawking in 2017 Reasserted His View That Humans Must Become An Interstellar Species in The Near Future or Risk “being Annihilated”. “the Earth Is Under Threat From So Many Areas That It Is Difficult For Me to Be Positive, ” The

Physicist stephen hawking in 2017 reasserted his view that humans must become an interstellar species in the near future or risk “being annihilated”. “the earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive, <Cropped>

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Obia Ltd. Architecture Studio's 2 Oaks House Single Family House

Obia Ltd. Architecture Studio Discloses The 2 Oaks House Single Family House

OBIA Ltd. Architecture Studio, the maker of the awarded design 2 Oaks House - single family house by OBIA Ltd. Architecture Studio points out, From the architects: The house is located in a low-rise residential area near Sofia, in the outskirts of Mo <Cropped>

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Seyed Behrad Ghodsi-Atossa 3d Printed Footwear

At Design Interviews

Interview with Seyed Behrad Ghodsi : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Seyed Behrad Ghodsi : As a designer I believe we have to be curious about new technology and see how we can apply it into our desi <Cropped>

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Gas Building by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri Demonstrates The Office Building of Gas Company Gas Building

Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri, the creator of the award winning project Gas Building by Naser Nasiri & Taher Nasiri demonstrates, As its name suggests architect has used form of gas refinery. The building features is a broad overview with the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Living in Quiet and Neat Residence

Pi-Lan Hsu Illustrates The Living in Quiet and Neat Residence

Pi-Lan Hsu, the thinktank behind the award winning project Living in Quiet and Neat by Pi-Lan Hsu spells out, The tint control in colors of black, white and grey is often been using in several interior designs as part of composing strategies by spati <Cropped>

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The Honeycomb House-Private House by Create + Think Design Studio

Create + Think Design Studio Designs The The Honeycomb House Private House

Create + Think Design Studio, the author of the award winning work Create + Think Design Studio's The Honeycomb House Private House demonstrates, In the bustling city of Taipei, a quiet section of Ren Ai Road is discovered between 2 side streets <Cropped>

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