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Wisdom Path

The nonfunctioning water tower has been decided by the Workshop management to reconstruct to become a climbing wall. Being the highest point around it is well visible outside the Workshop. It has the scenic view on Senezh lake, Workshop territory and pine forest around. Upon completion of their studies students participate in a ceremonial climbing to the very top of the tower being an observation point. Spiral movement around the tower is a symbol of experience gaining process. And the highest point is a symbol of life experience that is eventually transforms into the stone of wisdom.

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Xi'an is located at the starting place of the Great Silk Road. In the creative research process of art, they combines the modern nature of the Xi'an W hotel brand, Xi'an's special history and culture, and the wonderful art stories of the Tang Dynasty. Pop combined with graffiti art become the artistic expression of W hotel which had a profound impact.

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Ushering in the commercialization of 5G service, Designtist installed sculptures that embodied KT 5G technology in collaboration with the pop art designer duo Craig & Karl. The main features of 5G service (ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency, hyper connectivity) were shaped into dynamic design, vivid colors and patterns. 5G technology connecting the world was modernly reinterpreted with drones and autonomous driving, and various arrow images expressed the connectivity, speed, and data flow.

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UnBespoke is an investigation into the use of natural limestone in the production of a modular table accessory that can be arranged in a variety of formations. The design stems from a famous mathematical problem, the Haberdasher’s Puzzle, which solves how to dissect a square into pieces that can then be reconstituted into an equilateral triangle. When the pieces are rotated from the square to the equilateral triangle, the undulated interior edges of the initial square are revealed on the perimeter of the triangle.

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Tide and Stream

This artistic installation tried to describe the similar scene where Chinese and Western cultures collide in Guangzhou and to show the inclusiveness of Guangzhou.The upper transparent part represents Tide, standing for things brought to Guangzhou from other places. Colorful and dazzling elements are loved by young people. The lower metal part stands for Stream, representing indigenous things of the inland that are strong, rich, and meaningful. Characters that carry Cantonese culture and Guangzhou people's life attitude are displayed there in the form of movable type plates.

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Flow With The Sprit Of Water

Often community environments are polluted by the inter- and intra-personal dissonances of their inhabitants which results in visible and invisible chaos in the surroundings. The unconscious effect of this disorder is that inhabitants regress into restlessness. This habitual and cyclical agitation influences the body, mind, and spirit. The sculptures guide, groom, purify, and strengthen the positive "chi" of a space, focusing on pleasant and peaceful outcomes. With a subtle shift in their environment, the public is guided towards a balance between their inner and external realities.

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