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Arisa Nakayama's work, Watage, aims to visualize the subtle motion of air. The main material utilized to create Watage is light and delicate dandelion puff which flutters as viewers pass by. This principle gives birth to an interactive experience without objects being animated by modern technology or electricity. Nakayama's ambition in this project is to go beyond the work’s aesthetic value of a small craft object, and lead the viewers to apperceive their own existence with refreshed clarity.

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The work was designed for drinking cognac. It is free-blown in a glass studio. This makes every glass piece individual. Glass is easy to grab and looks interesting from all angles. The shape of the glass reflects light from different angles adding extra enjoyment to drinking. Due to the flattened shape of the cup, you can place the glass on the table as you wish resting on either of its sides. The name and idea of the work celebrate the ageing of the artist. The design reflects the nuances of ageing and invokes the tradition of ageing cognac improving in quality.

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This object is both a lamp and a sculpture, depending on the intention and use of the viewer. An oval glass disc partly framed and mounted on a steel stand can be illuminated by LED. The glass was melted using a special technique with several layers at the GLASLICHTKLANG atelier in Urstall/Southern Bavaria. The object is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Elle Decor India approached designers to design an art installation to celebrate their 18th anniversary in India. The art installation was put up at India design week expo and witnessed by visitors across the country. This interactive installation conveys significance of being eighteen years old and relates it to a common man. Eighteen is not just a number but a realisation to know and feel what is mirage and the real. Mirror alphabets in the spelling of eighteen were composed to form a cube that gives multiple dimensions and insights to viewer. Witnessing kaleidoscope of reflections is fun.

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In Art We Live

"In Art We Live" is an installation that serves as both a visual merchandising display and an art piece in Hong Kong's K11. The quote expresses K11's core values of "Art, People, Nature", bringing fine arts into a retail environment for the public to enjoy. The piece is fitted with LED lights that are programmed to change colours throughout the day, making it more alive and eye-catching for shoppers.

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Meteorite No.K11

"The Meteorite No.K11" was created on the main piazza of the Guangzhou K11 mall to celebrate multiple occasions - the K11 brand's 10th anniversary, the Guangzhou branch's grand opening events and the 2019 holiday season. The 10-meter-high art piece took on the form of a radial meteorite, making an impact onto our planet. Its body is crafted of stainless steel, finished in a futuristic metallic chrome. Digital lighting was programmed to changed colors in pulsating rhythms to achieve an energetic and hip visual effect.

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